Individual and couples coaching:


Tara is a life coach and energetic body worker. She works with individuals and couples using a variety of modalities to help increase awareness around personal energy and how we use our energy to create our worlds. Through awareness techniques you will be able to discern where you block energy in your body and impede connection to your higher self. These tools will help you increase the awareness of the energy in your body and in your environment. You will understand how your energy field affects others and develop tools to transform your life.

She also offers coaching to demystify masculine/ feminine dynamics. Tara can look at a couple's energetic dynamics and identify communication breakdowns between the two of you. She can help you untangle the lines of communication and give you and your partner new ways of being together. 

Tara is excellent at holding space, tracking energy, and listening to discover what is the next right step for YOU. We are all individuals, and there is no one recipe for personal growth.



Individual coaching  - $125/hr.

Couples coaching  - $150/ hr.