Personal Energy Awareness Introductory Workshop

*When: Sat. April 5th, 1-4 p.m.

*Where: Little Heart Space - 4131 Woodland Park Ave N, Seattle WA 98103

*Cost: $40 for 3-hour introductory class

We each have our own personal energetic field which affects many aspects of our lives including our health, sense of well-being, how we navigate the world, and what we manifest in our lives. Being connected to ourselves is the first step to manifesting what we truly want in our lives. There are several awareness techniques we can learn to discern where we block energy in our bodies and impede connection to our higher selves. These tools help us increase the awareness of the energy in our bodies and in our environments. In this class you will increase your awareness of how your energy field affects others and start to develop tools to transform any area of your life.

This 3-hour class will provide a brief introduction of body armoring and how it affects your personal energetic field. You will be guided through experiences designed to help you increase awareness and connection so you begin to have choice around how you manifest your life.


Energy Basics

Connection begins with ourselves FIRST (always). If we are not connected with ourselves, then there can be no true connection in any relationship with another. We will discuss what prevents us from connecting and how to transcend those blocks. You will learn techniques to hold, ground, and maintain your space, balance the masculine and feminine qualities within you, and use chakras to discern information about your surroundings.


*Recommended reading: Eastern Body, Western Mind by Anodea Judith

$500 for 6-class series - This workshop will meet twice per months for 3 months.  

If you are interested in organizing a workshop in your area, there is a minimum of 10 people.